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Knowing Us...


Knowing Us...



Online Backup Service

Disaster recovery consists of the plans and processes your company implements to ensure that your IT infrastructure is protected in the event of a manmade or natural disaster. It is critical to all businesses using computer equipment and is required for most businesses for regulatory reasons.

All serious disaster recovery plans include backup systems. These additional servers and storage enable you to keep your applications and access to your data running even after your main infrastructure fails.


Bascom Technologies offers SpiriVault, an online backup service.

Continuous data protection - SpiriVault's Continuous Data Protection (CDP) Technologies automatically saves every version of every file that gets saved to your disk drive. No manual intervention is needed. Even if your computer crashes completely, you will have access to all of your data.
Support for multiple operating systems - SpiriVault can backup your files from multiple systems, including multiple operating systems.
Backup multiple applications and databases - SpiriVault can back up your mission critical databases and applications, such as Microsoft SQL, Exchange, SharePoint, MySQL, Oracle,
Bare Metal Restore - SpiriVault can restore your PC or a server to its original state even if the hardware has completely failed. Restore to dissimilar hardware and be back up and running fast.


For further details about our services, please contact us immediately with our expert team in India
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