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Knowing Us...


Knowing Us...



IT Support Process

Bascom Technologies services are built around structured methodologies and processes which enable us to deliver highly effective IT Support solutions, underpinned by top quality customer service. The processes we use are built on sound principles grown out of experience and informed by industry-standard best practice.

ITIL Best Practice

Used around the world, ITIL® is the comprehensive industry standard best practice for IT Service Management. It forms the basis of our IT support service delivery model and provides a systematic approach which results in higher levels of customer satisfaction, increased efficiency and improved systems availability.

Service Level Management

We take a transparent, structured and accountable approach to our service delivery. Each customer is provided with a comprehensive Service Level Agreement (SLA) that presents the full details of each service as well as a set of tailored response times. This means that IT support services can be tuned to meet the needs of the customer, and most importantly, that our performance can be measured against pre-determined criteria. Our performance against the service level can be viewed in real time through Bascom Technologies Portal.


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