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Knowing Us...


Knowing Us...



Disaster Recovery

How safe is your data? In the event of disaster, is it recoverable? No business can afford to risk their information assets' security and integrity, and yet so many businesses are unprepared.

Through a combination of tools and planning, Bascom Technologies can design a solution that will secure your data in case of a disaster.  We will deliver a complete solution that will allow you to:
Data Backup for All Platforms - backs up data on any platform, regardless of operating system.. No matter what operating systems are used in your network, SpiriVault effectively and efficiently safeguards all data.
Application Backup - Backup critical applications to such as Exchange, Oracle, SQL, Lotus and many others.
Secure Offsite Storage - we will design a solution that will include offsite storage in case of a major disaster
Bare Metal Restore - be up and running quickly even if you hardware becomes unusable
Seamless Operation - Spirinet will deliver a solution that is easy to operate day in and out, and that works for you.



For further details about our services, please contact us immediately with our expert team in India
by calling (91) 9793553555 or by using the online enquiry form. Vat No. 09550018475